Texas Tech University System
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Under Construction

Project ID
Project Name
Completion Date
13-01New Student Housing Complex$54,800,000.00TTU
13-08Track Team Building Renovation$1,000,000.00TTU
07-30Biological Sciences Buildings Life Safety Upgrades$8,300,000.00April 7, 2014TTU
13-02Jones AT&T Stadium North End Zone Colonnade & Infill Seating$5,350,000.00April 11, 2014TTU
12-16The Larry Combest Community Health & Wellness Center Expansion$5,108,500.00July 28, 2014HSC
12-13El Paso School of Nursing$14,500,000.00December 16, 2014HSC
13-11TTU Campus Beautification$2,500,000.00March 3, 2015TTU
13-03University College Bldg (Bayer CropScience) Research Facility & Greenhouse/Headhouse$19,316,135.00April 30, 2015TTU
13-00College of Human Sciences Life Safety Upgrade$9,650,000.00September 20, 2015TTU