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Facilities Planning & Construction :: Boston Ave. Residence Hall & Dining Facility

Boston Ave. Residence Hall & Dining Facility

Project Number: 10-05 Institution: TTU
Project Status: Completed Location: Lubbock
Project Team
Project Manager:
Ross John Narvaeth
Erin Vaden
Emily Wilkinson
Reginah Quackenbush
Al Behpour
Interior Designer:
Carol Cunningham
Design Professional:
BOKA Powell
Studio Art's Desire
Michael Stutz
Austin Commercial
Construction of a 178,000 SF new building for the University Student Housing & Hospitality Services at the corner of 19th Street and Boston Ave. The Talkington Residence hall holds 508 bed suite style residential units including CA suites, staff offices, multipurpose rooms and study areas at each floor. In addition, a 20,500SF, The Commons, Dining Facility sits adjacent to the residence hall.
Project Start: September 14, 2010 Construction Completion: August 16, 2012
Construction Start: April 13, 2011
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