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Facilities Planning & Construction :: Marsha Sharp Center for Student Athletes

Marsha Sharp Center for Student Athletes

Project Number: 00-47 Institution: TTU
Project Status: Completed Location: Lubbock
Project Budget: $3,789,332.00
Project Team
Project Manager:
Rick Richeda
Rick Moore
Interior Designer:
Jamie McCann
Design Professional:
MWM Architects, Inc.
KDC Associates
Owner's Representative:
N.D. White Engineering Services, Inc.
Lee Lewis Construction, Inc.
The Marsha Sharp Center is a 15,500 gross square foot facility providing classrooms, tutorial rooms and other facilities to advance the student-athletes' educational endeavors. Additionally, the Center will house an Athletic Academic Hall of Honor to recognize outstanding student athletes. The facility's entrance aligns with the Frazier Pavilion, Mechanical Engineering, and the Pfluger Fountain on the main campus axis.
Project Start: March 15, 2001 Construction Completion: April 11, 2005
Construction Start: December 2, 2002
Marsha Sharp Center Aerial - North Elevation.Marsha Sharp Center - PlazaMarsha Sharp Center 1% Landscape Enhancement.Marsha Sharp Center Hall of Honor.Marsha Sharp Center Double T in the Hall of Honor.
Marsha Sharp Center Student Study Lounge.Conference RoomWaiting Area in the Administrative Wing.Student ClassroomComputer Lab
Typical CorridorStudent Individual Study Room